MAYANK THAKUR – Inspirational story by CHARU CHADHA

MAYANK THAKUR – Inspirational story by CHARU CHADHA


I believe in God! People says that God is everywhere. And I believe that God is unable to present everywhere so, he sent some angels on earth as his representatives, as his substitutes. God sent angels behind humans, humans like our father, mother, teacher and one of his angel is Mr. Mayank Thakur. To whom he had sent to make our lives, to show us the right path, to make us understand what is life, to motivate us to chase our dreams.
Yes! This is the perfect answer of the question that who is Mr. Mayank Thakur? That he is an angel for thousands of lives across the nation.
It’s hard to get success when you don’t have complete support whether of friends and family or financially. But the people who are serious towards their lives, who are serious towards their dreams can do anything for their dreams. They don’t care about the world, they just care for their dreams. And no status matters when you are dieing to chase your dreams. Mr. Mayank Thakur is also a that kind of person, a scorpion, and scorpions are generally mad for their success just like Virat Kohli, Shahrukh Khan even I am also a scorpion.
Mayank Sir was a son of Tea- Maker. Whose father lost his only source of income, that was his shop in some difficult circumstances and got a cardiac attack due to the shock of loosing his shop. After these problems Mayank sir was forced by the circumstances to work in an early age of 19-20. He tried to do a night shift job, but was unable to do that because of regular morning college. He did his From Dayal Singh College, DU. Then because of the regular college when he was unable to do night shifts, he went for the weekend events which used to have a pay of rs. 500-1000 a day. There one of his old friend told him about a Network Marketing Concept. Somehow Mayank sir went for the concept, he paid & enrolled himself. After working a lot in this concept, he earned a lot of respect & money. He cleared all his family depts. He provided each & every neccessity to his family, whether its a car or a home or securities. People having ages of 30-40 used to bow their heads in front of him.
Through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PVT. LTD. He wants to make leaders just like him. After having each and every endeavour of his life, he went for his own company Aspire World Imaginations Pvt. Ltd. where ASPIRE goes for Alliance of Special Programme In Reaching Excellence and this company works for the Make in India principle. It is working for Youth Entrepreneurship, Digital India, Skill India & to bring IT Revolution. All this is possible because of Mayank Sir.
Mayank Sir is like father, brother, mentor, teacher, angel, God to us…..
He taught us each and every ethic of business. He converted normal boys and girls into the business men and business women. Yes he is the creator. He is the magician. He is the one to whom anyone can blindly believe. I am proud to be an Aspirian because of him.
( Team Leader )

The people who said “no it’s not possible” , the people who said “if it can be done it’s difficult to be” , the people who said “you do it yourself, I am with u as a damn moral support” , the people who said “you do if we will see the possibilities to be completed we will be there with u”….. the people who started with me or helped me to start backed off.. all those none of use people this is the difference, that u r the men of words rather I am one of the actions..
Mayank Thakur Sir has a capability to convert a garbage into the diamond. And he converted me into a Business woman from a normal girl. but some people r ment to be garbage if they got the opportunity, they don’t have the caliber to use it. #heyy_the_bloody_false_people_I_saw_what_kind_of_lives_legends_live
but #the_bloody_false_people_will_not_understand

listen the success is coming towards me.. And it will prove the power of hard work….
Time to rock…
Bang Bang

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  • One of the songs I used to listen to very fondly during my teenage had this line with a very profound meaning – “From where you sit and where you see it’s probably a 110% different”. I don’t know what the world thinks of Mayank Thakur Ji and Aspire World Imaginations Pvt ltd. But rest assured that no ppl can tell you about what kind of struggle the Man had to go through to get what he has today. Yes many ppl think they know his story, but you actually know only 10% of it. His struggle was noted by God himself and today…he is getting the rewards as he sits at a position from where he can convert any trash into gold. #JaiAspire

  • Indeed he is GOD to the whole of ASPIRE…we ASPIRIANS believe and trust in him..the kind of hope he gives us all is just amazing..he guides us like a mentor and loves us like a father…there are so many things to say for him..but often words fail..Love u Mayank Sir more than anything…Thank you so very much for making me, #MitaliGabbi, someone who can stand proudly and say that ” yes!! I DO EXIST..”..and whatever I am today is all because of our dear #MAYANKTHAKURSIR …GOD HAS KEPT AN AMAZING DESTINY FOR EACH AND EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET EARTH, BUT ONLY FEW CHOSE TO WALK IN THAT DESTINY.. U KNOW BETTER HOW TO WALK RATHER RUN… MAYANK SIR…!!!!

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